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The Jet Start Foundation
This Foundation was created & is dedicated to Bipolar Research

What is Bipolar Disorder?
Bipolar disorder is a condition in which people experience intermittent abnormally elevated (manic or hypomanic) and, in many cases, abnormally depressed states for periods of time in a way that interferes with functioning.
Although bipolar disorder is marked by a transition depression and mania, depression is far more common.

About Us:

Who Are We?

The Jet Start Foundation is a small non profit dedicated organization that maintains an extremely low overhead.
Our donations raised from events & this website are used to support Bipolar disorder & help in its research.

Your contribution helps. Like many not-for-profit organizations, Jet Start raises funds through special events, which also help raise awareness about depression and bipolar disorder.

What We Do:

Our Mission at The Jet Start Foundation is to improve the quality of life for people dealing with bipolar disorder.

The foundation increases public awareness of bipolar disorder, raises money to award research grants and provides support and timely information to bipolar patients, their families & medical professionals. These efforts are achieved through collaboration with numerous individuals & organizations that share a similar vision.

Our Vision:

Our vision is Research funding! In order to develop better treatments for bipolar disorder, researchers need to study the bipolar disorder and learn more about it.

Many bipolar researchers must rely on private funding because government funds are used for more well known conditions.
Patients, Caregivers & Professionals need access to current information about types of bipolar disorder and their treatments.
Patients & their families need to know that others understand. It helps to see people in their communities come together in supportive action. Lets all come together and raise funds to help patients with bipolar disorder live a productive life. Lets continue to educate caregivers & families. Help someone find balance in their life and further treatment for bipolar disorder. Together we can conquer this disorder and continue on our journey to help individuals.

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